2017 Anthology




2017 Anthology

The First RWR Anthology!

As part of our endeavour to see our Retreaters achieve success in the world of publishing, RWR is excited to announce the introduction of our yearly anthology! All guests, past and present, will be invited to submit to the RWR Anthology each year. Every year will feature a different genre – the 2017 anthology will be mystery and suspense.

Have you attended one of our amazing writing retreats? Then get writing and get your submission in. If not, join us next year and you may even end up seeing your story in print!

General guidelines

Submissions will only be accepted from RWR (Rainforest Writing Retreat) guests, presenters and crew, from past or present retreats.
The RWR17 Anthology will host a theme of Australian short stories of mystery and suspense. All submissions should contain an element of crime and a setting or link to Australia is preferred.
For this publication, the mode of writing must be in short story format. Each author may submit up to two pieces for consideration, however, only one piece from each successful author will be selected.
Format for submissions will be Microsoft Word Files. They will be Times New Roman 12 font. Please do not place an empty line between paragraphs (when you press enter twice), instead, use paragraph formatting to indent the first line of each paragraph. If you prefer to also have a space between paragraphs, please use paragraph formatting to do so. Direct speech and quotes within the text should use single quotations marks, not double. For example: ‘This is how we speak,’ the author declared to no one. Title of the story and author name must appear in the header of every page. Page number must appear in the footer.Get published!
There is no strict minimum or maximum word count, but the editors imagine most pieces will range between 1,000 to 7,000 words. Obviously, due to the maximum length of the entire publication, it would be more difficult to accept many stories at the upper word count length.
First and foremost, stories will be chosen for their readiness for publishing, marketability to readers and compatibility to the anthology theme. RWR anthology editors have the final say on stories selected and no further negotiations will be entertained.
To better your chances of being selected, we suggest you make sure your work is as polished as possible. Once selected, submissions will go through an editing process, authors will be sent their work with a request on what needs changing. Failure to comply with the editor’s wishes could mean deselection for the piece.


Submissions close Monday, 31st July at 9pm.
Selections announced

How to submit

Submissions should be attached as a file (.doc, .docx) to an email sent to:
Email body should say which year you attended the Rainforest Writing Retreat. Applicants must be identifiable as previous retreat guests (applicants will be checked against our guest registry).


This is not a paid submission or competition. Successful applications will each receive a complimentary edition of the published anthology, and have the option to purchase discounted copies for resale at book signings, expos, markets and cons. Authors can also resell through their own websites. No further royalties are payable on the anthology or reprints for print, digital or audiobook editions.
RWR is set up to offer aspiring and emerging authors opportunities to learn, write and publish. Should profits emerge from anthology projects, funds will be reinvested into the next writing project for Retreaters.
Authors will retain publishing rights to their work, RWR suggests the same piece is not republished for a period of 24 months (to avoid customer disappointment). RWR will have permission to use the story in this publication and any reprints of the same publication edition. RWR will not print stories in alternative publications without the author’s explicit permission.
As previously stated, the Editor’s decision for selection is final.

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